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Our info center contains all of our installation instructions, FAQ's, and York compressor manuals.
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The Oktava

The Oktava "twins"
These are the two microphones I use in the studio - both are Oktava MK219 large-diaphragm condenser mikes, and although I referred to them in the photo title as "twins", there's actually seven years between...
Photo by tawalker on Flickr


Damn Macbook, although it's an easy task to take apart compared to the iBooks before it, it is still quite a pain to deal with. So far I haven't found exactly what is wrong with the sucker, however I think I have...
Photo by iProd on Flickr

Tecumseh, Michigan

Tecumseh, Michigan
Tecumseh is a small city in Lenawee County. It is situated where M-50 crosses the River Raisin, a few miles east of M-52. Tecumseh is about 60 miles (97 km) SW of Detroit, 25 miles (40 km) south of Ann Arbor and 40...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr

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