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Max Coupler

Now Available!

March 2011:We are pleased to announce the addition of the Max Coupler to our existing line of products.

The simple, yet effective design of the Max Coupler is built to function in all situations you may encounter on the adventures, and stay completely quiet throughout its cycles. This allows you to focus on the trail ahead and not be distracted by any clunking noises that leave you wondering if your trailer is still securely attached.

Here are few pictures of the Max Coupler in action on the Rubicon Trail!


Our patent pending tri-axis offset design allows for virtually unrestricted movement in three axis simultaneously without any binding.

The design allows you to travel over almost any terrain without any worry. The Max Coupler is designed, engineered, and manufactured to the highest quality standards with a precision normally reserved for military products.

The coupler is computer modeled stress analysis, and backed by real world testing. Certified in accordance to SAE J684 standards by an Independent testing facility.

Please email INFO@KILBYENTERPRISES.COM to check product availability.