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Compressing your JavaScript with Closure Compiler ...

Note that you can download the resulting compressed source from a link in the UI, or copy and paste the optimized JavaScript directly from the Closure ...

Javascript Compressor - compress code online for free

Compressor does not work with Google Chrome. ... Online Javascript compressor. Compress and obfuscate Javascript code online completely free using this compressor.

JSCompress: Minify Javascript Online / Online JavaScript ... is an online javascript compressor that allows you to compress and minify your javascript files.

Closure Compiler | Google Developers

The Closure Compiler reduces the size of your JavaScript files and makes them more efficient, ... Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter

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On the money: Selling a wedding dress online

2017-Mar-10 -

NEW YORK Dalia Rhodes' wedding dress went down the aisle twice: Once at her wedding in 2015, and again a year later after she sold her gown to a stranger online. I just wanted someone else to enjoy a pretty dress, says Rhodes, who used the website 

Review: Remembering the past, and editing along the way

2017-Mar-10 -

Jim Broadbent and Harriet Walter are shown in The Sense of an Ending, a film based on the novel by Julian Barnes. ( - CBS Films/Lionsgate. A film that explores the latent longings and regrets of a cranky, self-absorbed septuagenarian might sound like

Review: Kristen Stewart otherworldly in 'Personal Shopper'

2017-Mar-10 -

Director Olivier Assayas's bizarre but transfixing Personal Shopper is not something that lends itself to a simple description. Loosely, it's about a young artist, Maureen (Kristen Stewart), who is coping (poorly) with the recent death of her twin

Protesters and Supporters at Proposed Compressor Station Hearing

2017-Mar-02 -

KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- Protesters came armed with signs and dust masks at the entrance to Split Rock Resort in Carbon County where a public hearing on a utility company's air quality plan was being held by state environmental officials. That company 

Elon Musk reveals winners in Hyperloop pod contest

2017-Jan-30 -

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Google Javascript Code Compressor

Google Javascript Code Compressor

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