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Trail Boss Hodgdon

Trail Boss was designed specifically for low-velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting. It is primarily a pistol powder but has some application in ...

Hodgdon Powder Company - Official Site

Hodgdon Powder Company operates following Biblical principles to honor God. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which enhances the ...

Hodgdon Trail Boss - Reloading Unlimited

Hodgdon Trail Boss: Product Information. Hodgdon series of powder is trusted by reloaders all across the globe, and is available for use in many reloading applications.

IMR Trail Boss - Handloads.Com

Trail Boss from IMR (now owned by Hodgdon) is a new powder developed by the Australian company ADI, Ltd for the low velocity cast bullet loads favored by the Cowboy ...

Trail Boss data - Imr Powder Company

Tra Bullet Powder C.O.L. 3.250" Powder . Created Date: 12/2/2009 10:02:46 AM

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Look at all the fun you could be having this spring

2017-Mar-28 -

Janet Sullivan, Ph.D., a UNH adjunct associate professor and collections manager of the Hodgdon Herbarium, will present Journey of Discovery: A Botanist on the Trail of Lewis & Clark. As they made their way westward, the Corps of Discovery

Hodgdon Reloading Data Straight From the Horses Mouth

2015-Aug-18 -

USA -( I think learning to reload your own ammunition is kind of like learning to play the Ukelele. If by chance you make an impetuous mid-life decision to follow in the footsteps of the great Don Ho, then you can't just order sheet

IMR Trail Boss is 100% Smokeless Powder

2013-Jan-05 -

The primary advantage of TRAIL BOSS is that even in reduced, low velocity loads such as those popular with Cowboy Action shooting the powder fills the shell case. This not only improves the ballistic uniformity of the load but is an added safety

Revisiting The .300 Winchester Magnum

2014-Nov-13 -

For those who might want to use their .300 Winchester for more typical whitetail hunting, I included Hodgdon's 150-grain reduced load with Trail Boss. This shot accurately enough for deer at woods ranges, but I'd use roundnose bullets designed for

Anonymous donor gives 26 acres on Horseshoe Island

2017-Jan-02 -

Now the land trust owns 48.5 acres on Horseshoe, plus 6 acres on Sheep (also known as Perry) and 17 acres on Hodgdon islands, all on Cobbossee. Most of those tracts are outfitted with trails. The organization included a statement from the donor in a

Hodgdon Trail Boss - Lead Cowboy Action Powder

Hodgdon Trail Boss - Lead Cowboy Action Powder

IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Powder 5 Lbs by HODGDON , IMR & WINCHESTER

IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Powder 5 Lbs by HODGDON , IMR & WINCHESTER

Hodgdon Trail Boss 5# Jug Non-Guns > Reloading > Components > Other

Hodgdon Trail Boss 5# Jug Non-Guns > Reloading > Components > Other

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