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The Stock Market Game

What is The Stock Market Game ? Teachers consistently tell us about the positive influence our programs have on their students. The ...

Stock market crash - Wikipedia

Mathematical theory. The mathematical description of stock market movements has been a subject of intense interest. The conventional assumption has been that stock ...

Stock Market Crash 2016 - News And Updates

Article Index. Will the Stock Market Crash as the Fed Hikes Rates? Is a Stock Market Crash Coming Now That the Trump Agenda Stalled? A Stock Market Crash Is More ...

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

InvestorPlace provides millions of investors with insightful articles, free stock picks and stock market news.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens In The Stock Market: Multiple ...

If the stock market rises, I get richer and I'm happy. If the market falls 20% or more in a bear market, I'm happy to pick up the bargains. Should the market simply ...

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Will DryShips Inc. Ever Stop Sinking?

2017-Apr-05 -

It doesn't seem like more than a few days go by without DryShips (NASDAQ:DRYS) showing up on a screen of stocks that have recently suffered a big decline. In the past week alone the stock is down nearly 40%, including another double-digit drop today.

10 Reasons Why I Think I Made My Worst Investments Ever

2017-Apr-09 -

I hope by writing this all down I'll avoid making these mistakes in the future: 1. The P/E ratio is the absolute worst can't ignore the overall market. In bear markets, they say all correlations go to 1. Trading can be a lot of fun. But at tax

Junk status Is Like An Iceberg: Either Go Around Or Go Down!

2017-Apr-03 -

How does your entire life come crashing down? You ask your accountant to buy something that This investor can lend about 80% of the value of their own money back that they have in the stock markets so long as their money is invested outside of junk

The Keynesian's Fetish For Monetary Inflation

2017-Apr-09 -

The Dow's BEV chart begs the question of whether its next move will be to make a new all-time high (BEV Zero) or decline down to its BEV -5% line. I'm inclined to expect the Dow will break below its -5% Like gold, the Dow Jones, my proxy for the

Trump Can't Let His Real or His Fake Friends Turn Him Into Schwarzenegger Part 2

2017-Apr-10 -

President Trump, never, ever go Full Arnold. He is so close to success it's in his The stock market refuses to tank and thereby obey noted Enron associate Paul Krugman. The job numbers are through the roof; the pain of her humiliating defeat

... one of the best historical periods the stock market ever experienced

... one of the best historical periods the stock market ever experienced

Contra Corner  The Worst Time Ever To Be In The Stock Market

Contra Corner The Worst Time Ever To Be In The Stock Market

... Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever

... Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever

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2014 - Vancouver - Alaska Cruise -  CBD

2014 - Vancouver - Alaska Cruise - CBD
A view off the Lido deck of the MS Zaandam parked at a Canada Place birth in downtown Vancouver BC. The neat old art deco building framed by the newer erections is the beautiful 1930 Marine Building. THE MARINE...

That Was the Year That Was - 1966

That Was the Year That Was - 1966
The swinging sixties were in full flow, but in some corners of the world the peace and love mantra of the flower-power generation could not be heard. Even as hippies in London and San Francisco were weaving daisies...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

5th and Blanchard (1929 and 2010)

5th and Blanchard (1929 and 2010)
Used this in a Seattlest Retake. Go check that out to read about Seattle vs. Mother Nature. Long analogy. I didn't watch Twin Peaks when it was originally on TV. I watched Fire Walk With Me and then watched the...
Photo by Rob Ketcherside on Flickr

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